Friday, 4 December 2009

  • Necklace 1...silver plated long chain with peach bead and large silver plated butterfly..£10
  • 2...Gold plated and brass key glass quartz, gold freshwater pearl..long chain..£10
  • 3...Slightly different design to the necklace i sold tiger claw, gold plated long chain and dubloon charm and black bead £10

  • Bag charm 1...silver plated star fish. silver foil blue and green heart, champagne button pearls, white nugget and blister pearls and glass beads :) £8
  • Bag charm 2....chocolate and gold toned freshwater pearls and white and gold glitter glass heart £8

Great xmas ideas....

*Long silver plated chain necklace
*Mother of pearl large leaf pendant
*Coffee and champagne coloured pearls and silver plated heart charm :)

Perfect xmas presents :)

*Silver plated earring and bracelet set
*White, silvery blue fresh water pearls
*Silver faceted beads
*Set: £15

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hi...i have been away with work for a while..will be adding new designs this weekend....thanks soooooo much lollipop for giving me a shout out xxxx

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1.Pink crackle galss beads, lemon blister pearls, milky pink glass beads, white pearls!

2. Bracelet and earring set: Brown glass hearts, white pearls, khaki nugget pearls, mini chocolate pearls, gold plastic textured pearls, golden freshwater pearls!
3. White pearls, lemon and hot pink glass beads!
£12 sold

Gorgeous berry coloured bracelet..a personal fave! Ruby red glass briolets, metallic red pearl nuggets, white pearls, white plastic pearls, clear and black glass beads! Length 20cm